Presentation of trainee: Ole Jørgen

This is me at the office in Oslo just after returning home from 6 months in Peru.

Hi, I’m Ole-Jørgen. I have reached the age of 29 and since September 2011I have been employed as trainee with SN Power. My background is Energy & Environmental Engineering from NTNU and PhD from Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London.

As trainees we have four rotations. The first rotation was at the head office at Lilleaker. This was a nice intro to what SN Power is doing.  The company is a joint venture between Statkraft and Norfund and has projects and operations in Asia, Latin America and Africa. If you want to know more about SN Power you can visit this webpage and you can watch photos from our projects on Flickr.

This is me on site in Peru. Helmet: check. Glasses: check. Yellow vest: check. Security is important.

After Oslo I travelled to Peru to work on the Cheves project where we build a hydropower installation. The third rotation I will spend in the Philippines where we have a rehabilitation project and the final rotation in Panama where we are building a new installation. After completing the trainee program I will be employed in a permanent position with SN Power.

It is a great program and it has been quite an experience so far. I will blog more about my experiences in later blogposts.

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