Presentation of trainee: Per

Two of my favourite activities: Spending time with my family and hiking outdoors.

Hi there, my name is Per and I’m one of five 2011 trainees in Statkraft. The two most important things in my life is my wife and my son, besides that I enjoy all kind of wildlife, fishing, picking mushrooms or berries or just wandering around with a GPS in my hand.

After studying MSc. in EnergyEngineering and before joining Statkrafts trainee program I worked as a project manager of a project with main objective to increase the harvest of forest residues and to find methods to make it in a profitable way. It was a fun position and I got to meet lots of interesting people.

During my first rotation I joined Statkrafts maintenance group along the lower parts of Ljungan. I spent the second rotation on our mobile mechanical group in the northern part of Sweden. My third period will be in Oslo with the turbine group on Lilleaker. After the trainee program I will be a part of the technical staff, PGST, in Sweden as a mechanical engineer specialized on turbines.

Safety is important. Always use your helmet.

I see Statkrafts trainee program as a great opportunity to get in to the hydroelectric power field since it requires a lot of experience. My position offers a varied job with many challenging and stimulating tasks.

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