Living on a construction site in Peru

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SN Power 10 years

Approximately 99% of Norway’s electric power production comes from hydropower – an indicator that we are pretty good at building hydropower plants. I suppose that’s what Statkraft thought too when they decided to go global and, along with Norfund, established SN Power back in 2002.

Cheves project in Peru

Eight years later, SN Power started the construction of the Cheves project – a 400 MUSD 168 MW hydropower plant located in Peru. My first rotation abroad was at the Cheves project and not very surprisingly it turned out to be quite the contrast to my initial months at our offices in Oslo.

 Peru: an impressive country

First of all, Peru is an impressive country. I luckily managed to fit in visits to Machu Picchu, Cusco, and the Amazon and not to forget trying out Pisco Sours and Ceviche. It was all great; Peru really has world-class attractions and cuisine. I also got to experience some of this during my weekends in Lima as well; during weekdays I was at the Cheves project living at the construction site – definitely a different experience!

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