Shaping corporate strategy on hot summer days

Oslo from one of the many islands in Oslo Fjord
Oisin Patrick Tummon
Oisin Patrick Tummon

It has been a while since I’ve written a post! Last time I wrote was in the Market Analysis department and I had just taken part in a company ski trip. Seasons have changed and so has my position in the company.

This summer I have been working in corporate strategy. There was quite a big contrast between my first rotation in market analysis, which was completely focused on the market and not on the company, and my tasks in corporate strategy that largely focused internally on the company. I was really amazed how much one could learn in such a short period! The tasks and way of working were even more different than I had imagined. Unfortunately I cannot go into too much depth into what I was working on but I was part of the process of developing the strategic platform for the next coming years. I also had the opportunity to work with our Summer Student Project again, which was a great experience! I can highly recommend it if you are a student interested in the power sector and especially sustainable energy.

A nice summary of the summer posted at Oslo Central Station
One of Oslo’s more secluded beaches at around 23.00 near midsummer

As is common here in Norway I also managed to do a lot more than work over the summer. With plenty of sunny weather and super long evenings the Scandinavian summer is splendid! On a good year it must certainly be one of the nicest summers anywhere. You might be surprised to know that Oslo had water temperatures upward of 20 degrees for a couple months so no lack of swimming opportunities either!

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