Keeping the Turbines Turning at Sheringham Shoal

Dear blog, you alright? 14 months into my trainee program me I guess it is time for an update.

My first 12 months I worked at Statkraft HQ in Oslo for the wind asset management team. Six of those months I spent with the onshore team and the remaining with the offshore team, which also is my home unit. I then headed for some practical training at Hitra windfarm for a couple of weeks to get my clean office hands a bit dirty. I enjoyed that stay very much thanks to the nice and open minded people working there. They passed on a lot of experience which I sure will benefit from in the future. September this year I moved to England to work with the local team running the Sheringham Shoal wind farm. Sheringham Shoal is Statkraft and Norway’s first offshore wind farm, with 317 MW capacity owned equally by Statoil and Statkraft through joint-venture company Scira Offshore Energy Limited. This blog post will tell you more about the wind farm and my first couple of months in the UK.

Sheringham Shoal’s operational base is in Egmere, a very small town, in North Norfolk. The Sheringham Shoal Offshore Wind Farm site is located in the Greater Wash, between 17 and 23 kilometres off the Norfolk coast, north of the seaside town of Sheringham. The nearest «big» city and airport is Norwich, which is a nice place for shopping, restaurants and pubs. Actually Norwich’s old cobbled centre holds the highest density of pubs in the UK – Norwich is supposed to have a pub for every day of the year.

The first month I lived in a wonderful B&B in the small town Wighton. There was no shops there, but of course a pub and a beautiful church – every small town in this county seems to have a pub and church, which I guess cover each other very well. I got some friends at the local pub over there, although they were some good years older than me I enjoyed the company and the many stories they had to tell.

After one month in a B&B I moved to an apartment in Holt where I will be living until end February. A big appreciation has to go out to Statkraft HQ and London for arranging all these practical things – I’ve had massive support for whatever I have had to fix over here, from accommodation, insurance and whatnot. Holt is also a small town with approximately 3500 inhabitants. Although it’s small it has everything you need – shops, restaurants and pubs. Socially it’s not the easiest of places to live as there aren’t too many things happening but I found a local football team after moving here for a month ago and had my first match this weekend. It looks like this is going to be a great way of getting to know the English countryside culture, people and language. Although the latter might be questioned – I guess the language part of football is probably not that suitable for using other than on the football field and on a blurry Saturday night out.

Work wise there have been a lot of different things and people to get to know. I felt very welcome by my colleagues at Scira and I find it very inspiring to work with the skilled and experienced people here who are eager to share their knowledge. Also it’s nice to experience that you have something to offer which they have given me room and time to prove.

Bjørn Ivar

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