To Tyssedal And Back Again.

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On the chosen morn of May 21, an eager and courageous fellowship sets forth from their secure office spaces at Lilleaker and embarked an epic quest to unearth the secrets of Vannkraft, the special power of the waters. To ensure the fellowship’s survival and success, the leaders at Lilleaker selected a carefully composed group of newly-minted hydrologist, engineers, human resources personnel, and financial economists from all the different parts of the Lilleaker kingdom. They came from different lands and many spoke in foreign tongues- some were Germanic, while others had origins in Africa or the Far East. Yet, young grasshoppers, wise elders and vegetarians knew that they had to come together for this important mission – to dig deep and uncover the mystery of hydropower.

The fellowship assembles itself aboard the vessel

They quickly realized that this was no easy feat. The closest temple of Vannkraft, Sima, lies in the opposite end of the realm. It was in The West, and they would have to make way across dangerous paths along the fjords. Nevertheless, the brave travelers withstood all conditions. They journeyed across majestic fjords, rainy marshlands, and dangerous mountain passages, but it was the ice and snow that stopped them in their tracks.

The first piece of the puzzle: the Rock Dam

But then, the unimaginable happened. As if by divine providence, in this exact location, the fellowship uncovered a central piece to the puzzle – the rock dam. Scriptures in ancient runes were found near the dam, but few could decipher them. Suddenly, a hydrologist, well-versed in ancient runes, declared “the magic of the rock dam is described in these writings”. And he explained to the rest of the fellowship what makes dams so powerful. They work like this:

4-1-3-hydroThe dam creates a reservoir where water can be stored, and then, when the hydropower plant is turned on, the water flows into the turbine from an outlet in the dam. There is usually a very large height difference between where the water comes in and where the turbine is located – this allows the water to pick up speed as it flows toward the turbine – increasing the amount of power in can produce.


When the water hits the blades of the turbine, it starts to turn. The turbine is able to transform mechanical energy to electric energy by means of the generator. Generators function based on Faraday’s law of induction, which states that an electromotive force (EMF) or voltage is induced when there is a change in the magnetic environment of a coil of wire. The turbine is then connected to a rotor which consists of two “field poles” along its perimeter. These are electromagnets which are made by circulating direct current through wires coiled around a stack of magnetic steel. When the rotor spins, an electromagnetic field is created, a voltage is induced, and the generator can then be used as a source of power. That’s how the magic happens.

After this majestic epiphany, the fellowship traveled downwards to the halls of the Sima power plant where these mysterious turbines were housed. But the unexpected awaits in the cavernous depths of Sima, and the travelers prepared for it by donning their the armor of their kingdom.

Safety First!


Now they were ready to delve into the vast unknown halls of Sima Kraftstasjon. When they entered the main hall, the explorers were awed by the inherent silence. Four working water turbines stood before them, but there was barely any sound. There was an eerie stillness in the halls.



They roamed through the halls for a while, and then, they saw it. The secret key to creating hydropower. It was simply standing upright in all its stainless steel glory, waiting loyally for its next assignment. Its statuesque blades glistened as they caught the light and it stood before them like a titanium flower in bloom.



It was draining to be in presence of such a mystifying and powerful contraption. The fellowship needed rest after their long travels, and sought shelter in against the breathtaking backdrop of the Hardanger Fjord. And after a majestic feast, they quickly fell asleep in front of this view:

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The next morning, a few brave members of the fellowship tested the icy dangerous waters and deemed the fjord safe for swimming. 10388344_817061631640007_1369426638_n

The next day, the fellowship journeyed to the Tyssedal Plant in hopes that it would shed more light on the mystery of Vannkraft. They discovered that Tyssedal had a long history tied to hydropower. When Vannkraft first came into practice, the whole town was electrified, free of charge. It was so extreme, that the heaters in most homes didn’t have a power switch. Families simply moved them outside in midsummer’s eve.

The original hall of the Tyssedal Plant, now dormant.
Inactive turbines stand in main hall of the ancient Tyssedal Plant
The Trainees discover the control center

Alas, the mission was accomplished, and it was time to return to the offices of Lilleaker and share the secrets of hydropower with the rest of the kingdom. But the fellowship endured a violent journey back through narrow winding mountain passes and across hurling waterfalls.

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In the end, the weary travelers made it home, having made it there and back again.

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