Networking with Trainees in the Energy Sector

All photos: Anders Berg-Hansen.
All photos: Anders Berg-Hansen, Statkraft.

In addition to the Statkraft trainee program, there are a number of companies in the energy sector that hold similar programs. Before Christmas, it was brought to our attention (thanks, Øystein!) that for some time ago, trainees from such companies had come together once a year in order to share experiences and get to know each other better. This was a tradition we would really like to start practicing again. So, last week, the scene was set for the first trainee gathering in the energy sector in three years.

A total of 29 trainees from Statkraft, Statnett, Agder Energi, BKK and the EnergiTrainee initiative through SINTEF met in our offices at Lilleaker. The formal theme for the gathering was “Statkraft 120 years: the changing landscape of the energy sector – past, present, and future”. (As you may have guessed, Statkraft is having its 120th anniversary this year.)  The first part consisted of presentations by Statkraft experts, who told the attendees about the history and present state of the company and also the future outlooks for the entire energy sector. This last part was divided in three areas; regulatory, market and technology. How will each of these areas develop in the coming years and decades? What technologies will prosper, how will the power prices develop and what regulatory forces will act? These are all very interesting subjects which will be important for all companies within the energy sector in the time to come.

Additionally, Professor Einar Hope from NHH (Norwegian School of Economics) held a really interesting presentation about the liberalization of the Nordic power market. Before the 1990s the power market was to a large extent regulated. Throughout the 90s the market was liberalized, making market forces the main driver for setting prices and thereby impacting investment incentives. One of the leading persons behind this project was Einar Hope, who shared his experiences with us.

For the second part of the event, we went on to a more practical agenda. Our new trainees in Statkraft’s wind department; Daniel, Alex and Laxman, hosted a competition in which creativity was heavily featured. Task: How do you make a sturdy wind turbine foundation using play dough, straws, spaghetti, balloons, Q-tips and tape?


Scores were based on three criteria: Functionality, HSE and style. Special points were also given by technology analyst and jury lead Jan Schelling. Many creative ideas and original solutions were presented by the trainees, although most of the designs would probably have failed a final decision stage 🙂




We also found some time to show the trainees our dispatch centre and trading floor.

The event finished off with dinner and refreshments before everyone headed home. All in all a very successful gathering that hopefully will continue in the years to come!

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