First meeting with Statkraft

The 2nd of September the 2015-trainees gathered for the first time at Lilleaker, Oslo. For many of us this was our first day as Statkraft employees, and we were eager to get to know the company as well as each other. The group consists of 8 trainees: Roberta from Canada, Sneha from India, Arvid from Sweden and Marie, Linh, Beate, Axel and Lotte from Norway.


One of our first sessions was with the former trainees, Jessica and Sasha. They told us about their experiences, challenges and opportunities, and gave us their best tips for our next two-year period. We wrote down every word, excited to get started with our own adventures.


The Statkraft Way
During our three days of gathering we were introduced to the organization, the variety of business areas and the competence within the different units. We learned about “the Statkraft Way”, about corporate responsibility and the importance of HSSE. We also learned more about ourselves by working with the Jungian Type Index, a non-evaluating psychological tool which describes a person’s natural preferences. By exploring the similarities and differences between each other, we could utilize them as a team, which was very interesting.

Brush, bruush, bruuush!!
In addition to taking in a lot of information and new knowledge, we had various team building activities. Among others we played curling. With a Canadian in our group and detailed instructing from one of the national team players in Norway, the spirits were high. Competitiveness soon appeared and deliberate tactics were planned. It was really fun, and we were not so bad actually. At least we’d like to think that – I am not sure the instructor would agree though.curl2

We look forward to several trainee gatherings during the autumn. The first rotation has started, in eight different units. Pop by the blog to get updates from each of us.

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