Searching for future candidates

During the last weeks we’ve been to a lot of career days at different universities in Norway. Yesterday it was my turn to present Statkraft at NMBU (Norwegian University of Life Sciences) in Ås, where I graduated earlier this year. It was really fun to be back and meet friends and former colleagues, both among the many students visiting our stand and also among the other companies.


It was quite a hectic day. I literally talked for 4 hours without stop, gradually growing more and more tired of my own voice (and hey – I’m from Bergen!). But thanks a lot to the Ås-students for proving their great competence and dedication. You made my day!

Next years’ trainee positions were just announced on Statkrafts’ career page. Have a look to find the position that suits you:

The deadline is 19th of October. Good luck 🙂

Maybe YOU will be the one writing this blog post next year..?

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