Expanding My Network

traineenetverket facebookWhen starting as a Trainee in Statkraft, I had no idea that I had an opportunity to also meet with other trainees outside the company. This was before I was introduced to something called “Traineenettverket”, which translates directly to “The Trainee Network”. Traineenettverket is a network for trainees in Norway. The network regularly organises trainee gatherings in which I and the rest of Statkraft’s trainees will have the opportunity to meet trainees in other companies and learn about other companies and their business areas. For more information, take a look at the network’s Facebook page.

BDO Norway

To start at the beginning; last week all the Trainees in Statkraft were invited to BDO where three keynote speakers were to present different challenges Norwegian businesses are facing. The main focus of the event was BDO’s position as a significant challenger in an increasingly globalized and tech-based audit and advisory industry.They had invited three of the partners in the company to give a lecture on a specific topic to us. I saw this as a great opportunity to listen to interesting lectures and learn about another business area. I was in fact a little curious about how it is to work in the audit business. Norwegians often tend to think that people working with accounting are very serious and never laugh. I can now tell them they are wrong!


Young Leadership

The first keynote speaker was Trond-Morten Lindberg, the CEO of BDO Norway. His topic was “Young Leadership”, where he told us about his journey from being newly educated to him becoming one of the youngest CEO’s in Norway. His speech was very inspiring! The second lecture was given by Marianne Rygvold Karlsen. Her main topic was about the need for innovation in the company. Having the same background as me, it was interesting to hear about how she had benefited from being able to see the audit industry from both an economic and engineering perspective. In the few months I have worked for Statkraft, I have also experienced the some of the same benefits.

A Corrupt World

The last speaker of the night was Erling Grimstad. He told us about how companies had to maneuver through a world of corruption and gave us some real life cases he had worked with. I would never have guessed that kind of job to be that exciting! In Statkraft, responsibility is one of our core values. Statkraft has a zero tolerance policy as regards corruption and work actively to combat corruption in public and private sectors. As trainees, we have already discussed Statkraft’s code of conduct with Statkraft’s Head of Corporate Responsibility, Rachel Groux Nürnberg, but it was also interesting to hear the views on corruption from someone in a different company.

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Networking In Practice

At the end of the evening, tapas were served and we were given the chance to bond with the other trainees.  We shared our experiences and talked about the businesses we are in. The evening was a great success where I learned about new business areas and met many genuinely nice and very talented people. I would like to congratulate BDO for hosting this great event! I am glad to get the chance to attend such gatherings through the Trainee Network, as it challenges me to broaden my horizons and gives me the opportunity to meet new friends and expand my network.


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