Johanna’s Farewell as Trainee

After a too long absence from this blog, I’m gloriously marking the end of my 2-year trainee program here at Statkraft by delivering my top 10 trainee moments from these years, before starting to work as a “real” employee in the company. Thank you Statkraft for two years filled with all kinds of fun and challenging moments. And without further ado – enjoy!

(No individual order of moments, apart from the last which is an undebatable #1.)

  1. Meeting this gang. This photo is from the first day at Statkraft together with my great and very international trainee group. From left: Jessica (US), Martin (Sweden), Sascha (Germany), me (Sweden) and Cihan (Turkey).


  1. Seeing Statkraft’s trimgruppa (Norwegian for “workout group”) at 7am every Friday morning exercising outside the office. As a Swede with many prejudices about Norwegians, I always laugh when I see these people doing push-ups and burpees right next to the office building at a time in the morning when I’m proud I came in to work before 8am.


  1. Morning swims. Well… Having to go against what I just wrote, the one thing I’ll actually do early and before work is to swim. Therefore we started a morning swim group with the ambition to swim at least one morning every month throughout the year, and this is one of the slightly fewer times we followed through.


  1. Travelling to our office in India… Had the incredible luck to work on a strategy project that took me all the way to our office and our wonderful colleagues in New Delhi. This is me in the office and the view from the office.



  1. … and to Brazil. Same project; just as wonderful colleagues. This is me with a bunch of the female colleagues in our office in Florianopolis, celebrating one of our colleagues who was going to get married.



  1. My balcony in Amsterdam. I had 1000 good moments sitting on this balcony and looking out over the rooftops, contemplating about life and of course, about energy.


  1. Swedish meatballs lunch! On my last Friday in the Amsterdam office stocked up on meatballs from IKEA I cooked lunch for the whole office, which was much appreciated as you can see! It also resulted in my apartment and the office smelling like IKEA for a while.


  1. “We should all be rock stars”. This is the life motto of Cihan. And here he is living out the dream in one of our legendary trainee team-buildings.


  1. The intro trip. Jessica, Sascha and Cihan trying to optimize production at one of our Norwegian hydropower plants during the yearly introduction trip for all new Statkraft employees.


  1. And finally, without question the top moment (literally). Me on one of our wind turbines in Statkraft’s wind power plant at Smøla in Norway. No explanation needed. Thank you Statkraft.


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