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After weeks of anticipation, the wait was finally over! As new trainees, we were offered the opportunity to attend and represent Statkraft at the Zero Conference 2015. Zero or Zero Emission Resource Organisation is an independent, non-profit organization that works to limit man-made climate change and to meet the world’s growing energy demand without damaging the environment. Driven by belief that there is an emission-free solution for all energy, and that it is possible to find solutions for a growing world without threatening climate and biodiversity, Statkraft was a natural partner in sponsoring such an initiative.

Trainees at the Statkraft Stall, during one of the breaks at the Conference.
Trainees at the Statkraft Stall, during one of the breaks at the Conference.

We got to see and experience the many awesome things at the expo, like the Teslas and the Hydrogen fuel cars, the 100% plant bottles by Coca Cola, cool properties of plant fibres for insulation, demand management modules at customer end, home control automation etc., all of which was focused on efficient energy management. We also explained to the visitors at stalls how Statkraft at the core of its business focuses on ‘PURE ENERGY’ and its strategic ambitions on the same.

The list of renowned speakers and sector experts included many, like:

  • Michael Libreich (Chairman of Advisory board and founder of Bloomberg New Energy Finance) on investment trends in Energy.
  • Rainer Baake (State Secretary for Energy in Germany) a key driver of the German  ‘Energiewende’. He emphasized the need to relook at energy system design and flexibility and its consequent reinvention
  • Kandeh Yumkella ( UN Under-Secretary-General and head of the UN Sustainable Energy for All)

The complete list of  the speakers and their details can be found out here.

Jürgen Tzschoppe, EVP market operations at Statkraft, advocating market mechanisms and less regulatory interventions

The sessions were broken into four Focus Areas consisting of Zero Discharge towns/smart cities, Transportation, Green Businesses Finance, and Biomass and green design. The themes focused on catalysing a constructive discussion amongst researchers, grass root organisations, policy makers, financial institutions, businesses, etc. all from Norway and abroad for knowledge exchange on opportunities and technologies that exist  and on collaborative efforts that are creating a win-win situation for business and government in choosing climate-friendly solutions. As feed-in tariffs  initiated by policy makers in Germany, made private investment in distributed solar photovoltaic (PV) installations valuable and rewarding, the conference ideated many such hand-in-hand steps that can be taken to keep climate impact a priority in coming years.

Audrey Desiderato, Co-Founder and COO of SunFunder, on Financing Capital at Grassroots

Overall all, it was a fun-filled 2 day event with lots of ideas exchanged and hopefully, lots of ambitions too.

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