Glimpses from daily worklife at the Oslo office

Are you curious about how the daily worklife at Statkraft looks like? Here are glimpses of my workday at the Dispatch Center.

Working at the Dispatch Center

Just a recap of what I do at the Dispatch Center; one of my main tasks is to optimize the production of Statkraft´s power plant portfolio in Norway. This means that I decide the production of more or less 200 units every 15 min of the day, or around 10 000MW installed capacity. Translated to market share, this accounts for around 30 % of the total power production in Norway.

Another main task is the production follow up, which is manned for 24 hours a day, seven days per week. I do have a work schedule that includes shift work, and I must say it is quite fun to work at strange hours.

Morning Market meeting for the quick updates of the changes in the previous days.

One of the main questions we must always ask ourselves in the Dispatch Center is: How can we optimize the production of our power plants to get the highest profit? Well, we would like to produce at the highest power prices. However, making an excellent forecast of the power price is quite difficult due to the power market fundamentals.

The answer to the question above is quite complex; It is essential to have  knowledge about our power plant reservoir, the hydrological situation, the electricity demand side and the fundamentals in the Nordic energy market. But besides that, we also need to have an understanding of the transmission system and the power prices in adjacent markets, such as Germany. In the Morning Market meetings, we discuss updates on the factors that affect the power price, and thus how we should act to optimize our production.


Office time in front of the computer

Not surprisingly, most of my work hours are spend in front of the computer; I work on evaluating the market, I do so-called intraday trading, I offer bids in balancing market and I make changes to the production plan. Moreover, I am in continuous dialog with the regional centres regarding the operation of our power plants.


Programming session, diverse work experience

Statkraft provides varied training courses and hubs to build our competence. Here I am at a programming session expanding my skills.


1pm stretch with an instructor

The office people face a common foe on a daily basis, sitting for eight plus hours at a time. Research has shown that doing office stretching enhance healthy working environment for employees. Actually just using 10 min will alleviate symptoms that occur from sitting at the desk all day. I am quite surprised of what a 10 min stretching could do to your body, and I always walk away from this session feeling refreshed and recharged.


It is Friday, which means Fridaycake!

A habit that has become a tradition in Norway. We are having cake not because there are some special celebrations, just because it is Friday.




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