Diving into the world of energy market analysis

Hi there!

It feels great to finally start my journey here in Statkraft. The first two weeks as a trainee have gone by so fast that I don’t even know what hit me; team building, workshops, socialising and more. I can barely wait to see what these two years have in store for us!

Well. I must admit that I’ve been in the company for some months already. I finished my studies in December and started as an intern in March in what will later be my home unit, Market Strategic Analysis. The unit works on long term market forecasting and strategic analysis, and my team specifically on emerging economies. I was given a great welcome, and found myself humbled by the collective knowledge, experience and diversity of my new colleagues and friends. I plunged in at the deep end; after merely two weeks I found myself on a plane to Santiago de Chile, entrusted by my colleagues to test and further develop a fundamental market model for the region. This is when I knew that I had made the right pick.

The Cave of the Devil - Santiago
The Cave of the Devil – Santiago

My new role and the way forward

I am currently in Nordic Market Analysis doing fundamental modelling of the Nordic energy market. I find the work very challenging and inspiring, and I was happy to realize that my self-acquired skills in programming, machine-learning and big data comes in super handy. Right now I am working on a new system to automate data input to our market models, making them both faster and more accurate.

After my first rotation in the Nordic Market Analysis I will continue to the trading floor where I will work on risk management in middle office. I have a tentative plan after that, most likely going to continental Europe for the two last rotations before returning to Oslo, Norway.

Before joining Statkraft


I want to tell you a little bit about my background. I hold a MSc in Economics and Business Administration with specialization in Energy, Natural Resources and Environment at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), and a BSc in Nanotechnology at the University of Bergen. I got to know Statkraft through a summer internship at BKK, a partly Statkraft-owned utility in western Norway, and later learned about the trainee program.

During my years as a student I have been fortunate to be able to work with a wide range of renewable technologies. I’ve been involved in everything from advanced nanotechnology solar panels, offshore wind and hydrogen technology to international hydropower. And given my ambitions to work with renewable energy and environment – Statkraft is the perfect match!

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