A first glance into the world of power generation

Greetings! I’m Nikolai, the new trainee in Power Generation. I’m the regional alibi for the trainee group as I’m attached to the Projects department in Region South.

It has been an eventful year for me, both on a personal and professional level. In March I became an uncle for the first time and I got a head start at Statkraft as an intern in the electromechanical department, in July I married my stunningly beautiful and intelligent wife, and now, as we experience september and the earthly colors of fall, I’m here beginning my journey as a trainee in Power Generation.

The groom in a surprisingly handsome moment

First things first, as they say, so let me introduce myself: I was born in Kongsberg, raised in Sauda, educated in Trondheim and Oslo, and since my studies I have worked in Oslo. After finishing my degree in mechanical engineering, I ended up working as a teacher through the Teach First Norway programme. During those two years  I learned a lot about behaviour, social interactions and myself. I really loved working as a teacher and would encourage anybody with an inkle of interest to try it out. Working with youths is both rewarding and challenging, and no matter how the day turned out, the feeling of doing something important is amazing. After my love affair with teaching, I ventured into consulting. This turned out to be a fast paced but short lived engagement, as Statkraft gave me the opportunity to join early. Since then I have worked in the electromechanical department at Lilleaker. The department is heavily involved in Operations and Maintenance and a lot of time is spent on-site doing tasks like condition assessments, lifetime evaluations and support. I’m involved in several projects which give me the chance to visit and work at the most important part of the value chain: the power plants. I would describe myself as “a lucky dog”. Diving into the bowels (quite literally) of our engineering art and discovering the technical challenges, restrictions and solutions is truly a humbling and exciting experience.

On a morning run I met a Coanda intake!

When I’m not at work I play floorball and to my wife’s great annoyment far too much Playstation. I’m terrible at doing two things at the same time and at remembering things I should do. I’m the classic man with an hearing impairment – it’s in one ear and out the other. My way of coping is to put my life in the hands (apps) of Google and being overly fond of the word “hæ” (which roughly translates to “what?”). I’m not sure married life will help to correct my flaws, but you never know..

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