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Given that this is my first blog post since I’ve introduced myself back in September, I figured I’d share some of my Statkraft impressions with you before I focus on one specific event. The last six weeks at Statkraft have been quite busy: from getting to learn people’s names (some of which are very Norwegian i.e. very long and not so easy to pronounce) to truly understanding the culture and organizational charts of Statkraft and of course becoming familiar with all that is HSSE.

Coming from an Energy and Sustainability background, HS (Health & Safety) is not necessarily the first thing I associated with Statkraft. However, having spent the last two months completely focused on these topics, I now believe that Health & Safety is one of the Top Three if not the  most important topic that Statkraft should continue to focus on.

Think about it for a second:  Do you realize how much manpower is required to operate or construct power plants from scratch in more than 10 international locations? The answer is QUITE A LOT.

Not surprisingly, such substantial operations are usually associated with huge risks. These need to be addressed early on to avoid incidents and fatalities during the project lifetime.

While the Corporate HSSE team here at Statkraft includes only six people,  there are actually 70+ employees in all Statkraft locations working on HSSE. Having just joined the company, I assumed it would take me months to meet some of these employees, so I was really excited when my manager told me during my first week that we are organizing an HSSE Conference  where 50 of Statkraft’s HSSE professionals would join us.  Over the last month, I have been actively involved in putting this conference together; from creating the agenda and sending out the practical information to all participants to performing quality checks at the hotel. My coworker and I wanted to ensure that everything runs smoothly over the two days of the event.

The HSSE Conference

Statkraft’s CEO Christian Rynning-Tønnesen starting the conference

Last Tuesday, it was finally time for the conference, and the participants were welcomed to the event by the Statkraft CEO who presented the latest news on Statkraft and the industry. Over the course of the event, we received a lot of positive feedback; most of the participants appreciated the chance of being able to come together from different parts of the organization and discuss issues they truly believe are important for the company. Plus, the conference offered a great way for people to expand their Statkraft network and get to know each other. Instead of having constant back to back presentations, my coworker and I decided to create a teambuilding activity in the middle of the first day. The activity included answering questions about Statkraft & HSE and building a windmill! It was followed by a workshop where participants got to work together and think of effective ways to help with the implementation of new Statkraft HSE programs.

Attempting to build the coolest windmill of them all!

With all the positive observations that we’ve had during the conference, a couple of us in the Corporate HSSE team are now working on creating a Statkraft HSSE portal. The portal  will be accessible on the Statkraft intranet and will allow all HSSE employees to have virtual discussions with each other. We truly hope that this portal will further help bridge the gap between the HSSE professionals in the organization and encourage people to work closer together.

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