Closing the Circle

My time as a trainee in Statkraft has just come to an end. During my two year programme I have worked with operations and maintenance from different angles within the company. I started my journey at Statkraft’s headquarters working with support within operation and maintenance. Afterwards, I moved to England to work with offshore wind power. For my third rotation, I worked with hydropower in Northern Norway and finished my traineeship, where I started, at Statkraft’s headquarters. I hereby present five highlights from my trainee programme:

Sheringham Shoal wind farm Exercise, Rescue vessel

1) Escaping from a wind turbine
When you are working as a trainee, you get to experience many different things. One of the most uplifting experiences was learning how to escape from a wind turbine in a safe manner by lowering yourself by rope on the outside of a turbine.


2) Travelling by helicopter
I also had the opportunity to inspect the catchment areas of several hydropower plants from the air. This literally provided me with some new perspectives on hydropower.


3) Biking in Norfolk
When you are working as a trainee, you do not only change your work assignments every six months. You basically change your whole life. This includes new residences, new friends and new hobbies. In England, I spent a lot of time exploring the countryside by bike. One of my favourite destinations was the astonishing Holkham Beach.


4) Hiking in the mountains
In Northern Norway, I took the opportunity of exploring the surroundings by foot and, later when the snow had settled, on cross-country skis. One of the highlights was eating freshly fried waffles at 1 200 meter above sea level by the beautiful Okstindan Glacier.


5) Getting to know the people
The best experience of them all was undoubtedly getting to know the amazing people working at Statkraft; both at the headquarters and the office in England as well as the offices and power plants in Northern Norway.


Starting a new chapter
Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
– Winston Churchill

I am now starting a new era in Statkraft. As of now, I will be working as a specialist within operation and maintenance at Statkraft headquarters. I am looking forward to seeing what a future at Statkraft holds!

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