About the Trainees

Hi there! We are a group of young professionals employed by Statkraft as trainees. We come from different countries and represent a diversity of educational backgrounds within engineering, economics and business administration.

The Statkraft international trainee programme is a one year experience and the trainees currently blogging were employed in 2019.  During the year as trainees we will work in three different locations and/or units within Statkraft, before returning to our home units for our permanent positions. Follow the link above if you want to read more about the programme.

On this blog you can read about us and our experiences. Enjoy!


Guro Persen – Corporate Strategy & Analysis

Hi everyone! My name is Guro and I come from Oslo. I hold a double degree with an MSc in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment from the Norwegian School of Economics and an MSc in Sustainability and Social Innovation from HEC Paris. Being passionate about renewables, I spent two years at THEMA Consulting providing advisory services to the power sector, and half a year working with renewable energy policies for Southeast Asia at the OECD, before I joined Statkraft. As I truly enjoyed my previous stays abroad in the US, Portugal and France, I was eager to use the trainee program to live abroad again. My first rotation will be in Düsseldorf at the UK Intraday trading team, before I move on to London for my second rotation in project development. My last rotation will be at the EV charging company Grønn Kontakt. I will keep you posted on how it all goes.

Siri Hartvedt Nordén – Nordic Energy Management

Hello there! I’m Siri and I have a MSc in Energy and Environment from NTNU, specialised in energy analysis and planning.  Of past experience, I took part of Statnett’s summer project in 2018 and I’ve worked two months in Ethiopia for a Norwegian startup introducing paper recycling in Addis Ababa. I really enjoy working in Statkraft because I get to use much of the theory I learned when studying and from past work experience in practice. In my first rotation I will work at the dispatch centre, monitoring and controlling Statkrafts power production in the Nordic, ensuring optimal operation. Secondly, I will work with market analysis on continental Europe.  My last rotation will be with international markets. The location is not yet set, but there is talk about Brazil, India, Peru or Chile. I am very excited to be a part of this year’s trainee team and I’m looking forward to gaining a lot of new experiences over the next year. One of the reasons I wanted to work in Statkraft was to contribute to a more green and sustainable future, and I am happy I can participate in shaping the future energy landscape. Stay tuned for more updates from me and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about me or my rotations.

Hanna Marie Løkken – Group Procurement

Hei! My name is Hanna Marie Løkken, and I am from a city called Lillehammer about two and a half hours north of Oslo. I hold a BSc in Business Administration from Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences and a MSc in Business with major in Logistics, Operations and Supply Chain Management from BI Norwegian Business School. As part of my master’s degree I got the opportunity to spend two months as a student intern in Statkraft’s Group Procurement unit. I felt that Statkraft and I were a perfect match, and I therefore had to join the International Trainee Program. It is truly rewarding to work for a company that seeks to contribute to solve the current environmental challenges. My first rotation is in my home unit Group Procurement and more specific in Procurement Systems and Processes. I look forward to a year full of learning and challenges as a trainee in Statkraft. I cannot wait to share it with you!

Ida Johanne Haga – New Business

Hello! I am Ida Johanne, originally from the city of Bergen on the west coast of Norway. I have a Msc in Energy and Environment from the Norwegian University of Technology and Science (NTNU) in Trondheim, with one semester at DTU in Copenhagen. My thesis included research work into hydrogen evolution technologies, and I am very excited by the prospects of using this knowledge in my work for Statkraft! I was part of the Summer Project in 2016, and really enjoyed my time here – both because I was challenged and got to explore some really interesting questions, and because I was proud to be working for a company set on implementing renewable energy all over the world. As I continue my Statkraft journey, I will be working for the New Business unit, currently positioned with Portfolio Management, where the position as Junior Business Developer will let me dive in to business lines and technology opportunities outside of Statkraft’s core business areas. Stay tuned for updates on my experiences throughout this year as an trainee!

Christopher Kenny – Project Development

I’m Chris Kenny. I’m from Ireland, born and raised in Cork. I have a BEng in Energy Engineering from University College Cork and an MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Cork Institute of Technology. I have experience in power generation and water and wastewater treatment having worked with GE, EPS Group and Irish Water. However, it was always an ambition of mine to work in the renewable energy sector and what better company to work for in this industry than Statkraft. I find the company’s vision of a green sustainable future and its variety of business areas really appealing. My role is a project engineer in the project development team, based in Ireland. Having worked with the team for the past 6 months I will use the trainee program to rotate to different business areas that will compliment the role I will return to after the programme. My first rotation will be with eMobility based in Oslo. The second rotation will be with the grid and engineering team in Ireland and I haven’t finalised the third rotation yet, but I am considering Venture Capital in Dusseldorf. Please feel free to reach out if you have any queries related to my background or the trainee programme. I’m more than happy to help. chris.kenny@statkraft.com

Ole-Martin Røsnæs – Market Operations 

Hey there! My name is Ole-Martin Røsnæs and I am from Bærum in Norway. My educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School and a master’s degree in International Business with specialisation in Financial Management from Cologne Business School in Germany. During my studies, I have worked for Finance Centre in Danske Bank and for Gothaer Asset Management with Real Estate Investments. Being a graduate I was looking for programs that emphasised on development and learning and found Statkraft to be the perfect mix between professional relevance and unique experience. Having both worked and studied abroad I am eager by the opportunity of working abroad again. Beginning with, I will start my traineeship with my first rotation in Oslo with the Risk Management Trading unit, working with analysing daily risk and performance reporting on Statkraft’s trading activities. My second and third rotation will be in Düsseldorf, Germany where I will be working for the UK Dispatch team and the German Origination team. Stay tuned for future updates and I am looking forward to sharing my journey as a trainee at Statkraft!

Anna Holm Aftret – Production Operation and Maintenance support

Hi! I am Anna and I come from Oslo in Norway. I have an MSc in Energy and Environment from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim(NTNU), with specialization in fluid mechanics. Previously I have worked with district heating and as a consulting engineer in the construction industry.  I wrote my master thesis within hydro power in cooperation with Statkraft, and I also worked here as a summer intern. As an intern, I got to experience all the cool things that Statkraft do, as well as working with friendly and knowledgable collegues. Therefore I knew I had to apply the trainee programme. I have always wanted to work with renewable energy, so Statkraft and I are the perfect match. It is also motivating to work for an international and forward-leaning company that plans to expand into new market. This provides endless opportunites. My first rotation will be at the operation and maintenance support unit, where I will be working with the analysis and digitalization strategy. My second rotation will likely be in the Production unit in Brazil, and the third rotation will be in Gaupne, working with the production planning in the regional dispatch centre. I am really looking forward to learning and experience as much as I can this year, and I will of course be sharing it with you. Please reach out if you have any question, I will be happy to answer.



Nikolai Austarheim – Power Generation

Ahoy! I’m Nikolai and I grew up in the western parts of Norway, namely Sauda. By mere happenstance (and geographical convenience) Statkraft has a project office in Sauda and I was lucky enough to land a summer internship there as far back as 2009. Now I find myself back in this wonderful company of endless opportunity and liquid power. I have an MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and joined the Teach First Norway programme after I ended my studies at NTNU. I briefly ventured into consulting, but soon found the opportunity to join Statkraft irresistible. My first rotation as a trainee will be at the Lilleaker office in Oslo, before I will head out and explore our Albanian adventures at Banja and Moglicë. I will then head home for my final rotations in Sauda. I’m excited to have joined Statkraft’s trainee program and hopefully I’ll be able to share the excitement with you on this blog.

Dominique Farag – Corporate HSSE

Hey y’all! My name is Dominique, and I consider myself Egyptian American. Having graduated with a double Masters degree from NHH in Bergen (in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment) and HEC in Paris (in Sustainability & Social Innovation), I truly believe that a career in Statkraft is the perfect choice for me. Prior to graduate school, I worked three years for Accenture in the US, where I focused specifically on the Utilities industry and on Smart Grid projects. The trainee program at Statkraft will not only help me utilize my skills in various departments of the company but at the same time ensure that my knowledge is constantly growing. Plus, how can you say no to working for a company which is helping to make the world a greener place?  Please feel free to reach out in case you have any questions about my experience here.

Larissa Leuenberger – Procurement

I’m Larissa Leuenberger and I’m from a small village in the German part of Switzerland. My BA is in Journalism and Communication and I worked in different communication related functions after my studies, among others at the communication consultancy Burson-Marsteller in Switzerland and Norway and the umbrella association of Swiss Business, called economiesuisse. I moved to Norway three years ago to pursue further studies in business and to complete a MSc in Strategic Marketing Management, including an exchange semester at the Wisconsin School of Business.  Like probably most of us, I wanted to work for Statkraft to be part of making the world’s energy supply greener. I applied for the position in procurement because I feel companies have an obligation to set up their projects in a responsible way, for example by choosing the right partners and suppliers. Procurement is a key function in this regard and I feel that my trainee position will give me the opportunity to learn best practices. I’ll be sharing my learning on this blog and I’m looking forward to your comments!

Morten Dæhli Aslesen – Market Operations

Hi there! My name is Morten, I am a trainee employed within the Market Operations business area working on market analysis and forecasting. I hold a MSc in Economics and Business Administration with specialization in Energy, Natural Resources and Environment at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), and a BSc in Nanotechnology at the University of Bergen. I got to know Statkraft through a summer internship at the partly Statkraft-owned utility company BKK, in western Norway.  During my years as a student I have been fortunate to be able to work with a wide range of renewable technologies. I’ve been involved in research on nanotechnology PVs, offshore wind, hydrogen production and international hydropower. Given my ambitions to work with renewable energy and environment – Statkraft was the perfect match! The first week as a trainee has been well spent introduction to the company, getting to know my new colleagues, workshops and social happenings. I am really exciting to have joined Statkraft’s trainee program, and welcome you all to join our adventure here at the trainee blog.



Linh Do – Nordic Market

Linh Do_1Hi! My name is Linh, I have a MSc in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Through the Alarga scholarship, I was matched up with Statkraft. Since then I have been longing to work with energy markets. So here I am, currently working as a Statkraft Trainee with a focus on the Nordic energy market. So far I have been working in the Dispatch Center, where I am responsible for controlling the production of all Statkraft’s power plants in Norway. During my second rotation I worked in the Risk management department. In this department I conducted financial risk assessments of Statkraft’s asset portfolio and monitored trading mandates. By now I am continuing my journey to the Düsseldorf office for six months. I am looking forward to sharing my journey as a trainee with you!

Arvid Eriksson – Wind Power Operations 

Arvid Eriksson_1Hi there! I started my career in Statkraft as a summer intern in 2014 and continued by writing my master’s thesis in cooperation with Statkraft’s innovation department. After graduating from Linköping University in 2015, I was given the opportunity to join Statkraft’s trainee programme and I have not regretted my decision to take it. After an intense first year focusing on our offshore wind projects, first in the development stage and most recently in operation, I am now ready to take on new challenges within our market analysis team in Oslo.

Roberta Hunt – Continental Markets

Roberta HuntHi! I am from Canada and I joined Statkraft as a trainee after completing an internship in 2014 at the awesome office in Düsseldorf, Germany. The team there was so welcoming and soon my desire to work for Statkraft grew from an interest in renewable energy to a passion for the ever-changing nature of the work in energy markets. My first rotation was with Continental Market Analysis in Oslo, where the team predicts how power prices will develop in Europe in the coming years. My second rotation has been a whirlwind tour through back office in Germany, back office in London and finally landing on working with the Statkraft Performance Improvement Programme. Where to next? Let’s see what the future holds.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my experience with the trainee programme at Statkraft, working in energy markets, or the energy management internships in Düsseldorf: Roberta.hunt@statkraft.de

Marie Boye Butenschøn – Corporate HR

Marie LindheimMy name is Marie, I am a trainee employed by Corporate HR in Statkraft. I hold a MSc in Leadership and Organizational Psychology from BI Norwegian Business School, and I am very interested in aspects related to the human resources of an organization. Getting the opportunity to apply my skills and interests to Statkraft’s work with renewable resources and towards solving the energy challenge is something I find intriguing and meaningful. I started my traineeship in my “home unit” Corporate HR, where I worked with strategic employer branding and organisational change. My current rotation is within HR in Power Generation, where I have worked on strategic workforce planning and workforce utilization.

Lotte Løland – Innovation and Technology Analysis

Lotte LolandHi. My name is Lotte Løland. I graduated from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) in Ås where I studied Environmental Physics and Renewable Energy. My motivation for choosing this field is that I want to contribute solving the environmental challenges we currently are facing. In Statkraft, the largest producer of renewable energy in Europe, my options are countless. 

My home unit is in Technology Analysis in the Innovation department, which analyses and monitors the newest of technologies and trends in the market. As my second rotation, in spring/summer of 2016, I worked 6 months in Düsseldorf in Statkraft Ventures. That is our corporate venture fund, which invests in energy-related startups in Europe. Since September 2016 I am working in Corporate Strategy, the department which is responsible for the development of Statkraft’s strategy and which supports different units with business development.

Beate Norheim – Asset Ownership

Beate NorheimHello World! I started my career in Statkraft as a Graduate Trainee in the fall of 2015. This was right after I graduated with a MSc in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). My home unit is Asset Portfolio Planning in the Power Generation department and it was there that I spent my first six months working with Statkraft’s European hydropower plants. After this I moved to Sollefteå in Sweden to learn more about the Swedish hydro power business. For my third rotation I’m moving to Sauda to join the project office in the ‘Southern Norway’ region. To find out more about my experience as a trainee in Statkraft go to statkrafttrainee.com.  

Previous Trainee Bios...



Alexander Gleim – Wind Power and Technologies

004Hi there! My name is Alexander Gleim and I was born in Russia, but grew up in southern Germany. I spent some exciting years studying in different countries and hold Master degrees in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and in Economics from the University of Bonn, but also spent some time in California at UC Berkeley. I recently submitted my PhD thesis in Mathematical Statistics and am very much excited to join Statkraft’s Wind Asset Analysis team in Oslo at these exciting times for the renewable energy industry.

Justina Banyte – CFO Area

jbanyteprofilepic_editHi all! I’m Justina Banyte and I come from Utena, a beautiful small city in the north-east of Lithuania. I have pursued my BSc. degree in Riga, Latvia, and MSc. degree in Economics and Business with specialisation in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment in Bergen, Norway. Taking this interdisciplinary path allowed me to combine two things I am passionate about – finance and renewable energy. Seeing how the financial figures reveal a big picture of the industry and contributing to shape it. These are two things that drive me forwards and keep a wide smile on my face (yes, even on Monday mornings!). In addition to daily work in Financial Accounting, Reporting & Tax department, I enjoy outdoor activities, reading books and traveling. Sometimes as close as to meet friends in the nearest café in Oslo (or, at the time of writing, soon in London), sometimes as far as the thoughts can take.

Daniel Christophersen – Wind Power  and Technologies

001Hi blog fans, I’m Daniel Christophersen. I’m half Norwegian and half Scottish and obtained a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering with Management from the University of Edinburgh. I will be working in the Wind Power and Technologies, Power Generation, Offshore Wind and International Hydropower divisions during my trainee period.

Sondre Heen Brovold – Market Nordic

003Hey! ‘m Sondre, and I come from Isfjorden in Romsdalen, Norway. I hold a Master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering from the University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. My first trainee rotation is in Statkraft’s dispatch centre, while the second is in the market analysis division in Oslo. This September I will go on to Düsseldorf for the third rotation. In my spare time I enjoy playing football and going skiing; cross-country or telemark. I’m really excited to be a part of the trainee program, and look forward to sharing my experiences with you!

Agnethe Hoff Finnøy – Power Generation

005My name is Agnethe and I am from Ålesund, Norway. I have a Master´s Degree in Engineering geology and Rock mechanics from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim and I also spent a semester at the University in Zürich. When I finished university I moved to Oslo to start my job in Statkraft.

I am now employed in the Power Generation department in Oslo. I am very excited to get some more experience and look forward to working in other parts of Statkraft as well, which I will tell you more about in the blog! In my spare time I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing and snowboarding, and reading books among other things!

Laxman Pararasasingam – Wind Power and Technologies

002Hi! My name is Laxman and I’m a trainee in the Wind Asset Analysis team in Oslo. I have a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from University College London and have lived in Germany, India and the UK before moving to Norway.

I’m quite passionate about Wind energy and my interests lie in machine learning, computational fluid dynamics, modelling and analysis.

Sara Baumgarten – Power Generation

sara_usethisHello! My name is Sara Baumgarten and I’m originally from Hudiksvall in Sweden. Before moving to Oslo, I studied energy and environmental engineering at Linköping University in Sweden. I’ve always had a genuine interest in renewable energy and I’m super excited of getting more hands-on experience in this area! I also enjoy music and I love to sing, dance and play the piano.

Tobias Persson – Markets

008My name is Tobias Persson and I am a trainee within Statkrafts’ Markets Finance & Risk. I studied at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, from which I hold a M.Sc. degree in Engineering Mathematics. My first trainee rotation is in the Risk Management department in Oslo. Next I will be heading to Düsseldorf for a year to join Middle Office and Energy dispatch. I am very happy with my trainee program so far and excited for the future.



Jessica Li – Strategic Execution / CFO

photoHey! I’m Jessica and I’m a trainee in the Strategic Execution unit in CFO area. My life story is a bit complicated – I was born in the south of China, and when I was five I moved to the US, where I completed two bachelors degrees at the University of Michigan, one in economics and the other in art history. From there, I moved around from Paris to Shanghai to New York, and finally decided to continue my studies at the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen. I chose to do a Masters in Energy, Natural Resources and the Environment, along with a CEMS Masters in International Management. During that time I spent a semester in Denmark studying at the Copenhagen Business School where I fell in love with bike lanes and Danish pastries. (Is it obvious that I can’t stop traveling?) I’m finally settled in Oslo, but I’m extremely excited to see where this trainee program will take me to next!

 Sascha Schroder – Corporate Strategy

sascha_schroderHello, my name is Sascha Schröder and I am from Berlin, Germany. I hold a M.Sc. degree in Applied Economics and Finance from Copenhagen Business School. During the two years programme, I spent a semester studying abroad at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. I am especially interested in understanding and modelling how regulatory and economic market drivers can influence and shape the European countries turn to renewables – better known as the “Energiewende”. Given the challenging and dynamic environment of the energy industry as well as Statkrafts’ position as Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy, I am excited to join Statkraft’s Corporate Strategy department.

 Johanna Barr – Innovation

johanna_barrHei hei! My name is Johanna Barr and I am originally from Stockholm, Sweden. I have a Master’s degree in Energy Systems Engineering from Uppsala University and also studied some environmental politics and economics at University of Colorado in Boulder. My main interest is distributed generation and how it impacts electricity transmission, distribution and production. I am very excited to join Statkraft as a trainee at Innovation, and to move to this neighbouring country which I like to refer to as the Colorado of Scandinavia.

Cihan Şimşek – Health, Safety and the Environment

cihan_simsekA great Hi to all, I am Cihan Şimşek, 25 years old and originally from Ankara, Turkey. I have a Master’s degree in Coastal and Harbour Engineering from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. I always wanted to work with a company like Statkraft which has an international environment and does a meaningful job as renewable energy. I am going to work about Health and Safety and Risk Assesment in Statkraft. I had a lot of great memories in United States with the Norwegian people so coming to Norway was easy for me. I love all kinds of sports but If you love football and listen lots of Maroon 5, I am definetely sure that you are my brother or sister.

Martin Västermark – Markets

martin_vastermarkMy name is Martin Västermark and I am a trainee within Statkrafts’ Nordic Energy unit. I have studied in Uppsala and hold a Master’s degree in Energy System Engineering combined with a bachelor in business administration. As a participant in Statkraft summer project I had the opportunity to experience the international, cross-disciplinary and highly analytical environment within the company. I applied to the trainee program and I was very happy when I was offered the position. The transformation towards a sustainable energy system is one of the greatest challenges our generation will face and I am excited and eager to be a part of the solution.